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"Dominant Eye" Shooting problems are solved here!

The principal advantages of Vass are as follows:

Following extensive research and tests the VASS products were designed and patented by a highly skilled group of specialists.
Prior to going into production sample products were initially exhibited and tested at the International CLA Game Fair in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England where they generated enthusiastic and significant interest. 
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contact John O'Hanrahan at +353-(0)6732988 or email  info@vass.ie

Shotguns are principally used in the sports of game, wildfowl and clay shooting. Unlike rifle shooting, shotgun shooting is directed at moving targets and it is universally accepted that success in those fields is accomplished by aiming with both eyes open. It is noteworthy that the majority of shotgun manufacturers produce their standard off-the-shelf guns with ‘cast-off’ stocks to suit the majority of customers who are right-handed with right ‘Master’ or ‘Dominant’ eye. However it has been established that 30% are:

1. Left-handed with left dominant eye or,
2. Left-handed with right dominant eye (a ‘cross-dominant eye’) or,
3. Right-handed with left dominant eye (a ‘cross-dominant eye’).

In addition to the foregoing it is noteworthy that, as one matures, eyesight frequently changes and in many cases one eye can deteriorate a little more than the other. It has been established that when this happens the second eye takes over as the dominant eye. This can generate utter frustration and disenchantment in shooting sports. Until now the traditional solution to such dominant eye problems was the manufacture and fitting of a ‘cast-on’ stock for (1) above or the manufacture and fitting of ‘cross-over stocks’ for (2) and (3) above by professionally skilled craftsmen. Some of the principal disadvantages of those solutions are as follows:

Specially modified or ‘cross-over stocks’ can be prohibitively expensive.
They are ugly in appearance. 
They create major devaluation in nice shotguns when sold or traded.
They generate an unpleasant sideways recoil.
They allow very little scope for subsequent modification or adjustments.

The VASS costs only a small fraction of a 'cross-over stock'.
The VASS has a range of variable adjustments.
The VASS has a disc sight which can be zeroed by moving it laterally from right to left (or vice versa) to accommodate the
   dominant eye. The customer can carry out this adjustment in accordance with the fitting instructions and it requires no specialised skills.
Once the VASS is zeroed to customers needs, it can be attached to and removed from the gun barrel muzzel within seconds. It can
   also be fitted to accommodate the 'intermittent mismatching dominant eye' in an instant.
The VASS material will not damage or scratch the barrels of your gun.
The VASS is manufactured from a durable light-weight material (used in aircraft and spacecraft manufacture) so that the balance of
   your shotgun is not affected. The units weigh as little as 32 grams (1.1 ounces)
The VASS does not require any chemical or messy adhesives (which with trapped moisture or chemical reaction could otherwise
   damage the barrels). And neither does it require the use of eye patches, plasters, modified spectacles, or other 'mickey mouse' solutions.
The VASS has a disc sight which, by rotation, provides a further range of variable adjustments for guns which tend to shoot
   'high' or 'low',  thereby dispensing with the need to alter the height or pitch of the stock or comb.
The VASS can also be regulated to meet the requirements of those who have 'central vision' problems (where neither eye is dominant).
VASS sights retail at €118, (apporximately £96 & $163) with packaging and delivery costs included. They are available for most makes
   of single barrel, semi-automatic, double barrel, side by side and over & under shotguns.
   They are also suitable for 12, 16, or 20 gauge guns.
The Vass is not a gimmick. It is the only shotgun sight available that provides true lateral or binocular vision for those with
   dominant or master eye problems. It does not occlude or obstruct ‘the mismatched dominant eye’ which therefore retains all
   the binocular advantages of a wider field of view and perception of target distance etc. It is universally accepted that such
   advantages are important factors in the art of successful shotgun shooting. The Vass is precision-made and it is guaranteed
   to perform effectively in accordance with the instructions

Q. So what is the alternative solution?
A. The proven alternative solution to 'Dominant Eye Problems' is " The VASS"
(Variable Adjustment Shotgun Sight)


Test your
Shooting Eye Here

Select a small object (no bigger than a golf ball) some 9 or 10 feet in front of you.

2. With both eyes open and with one arm outstretched, point the index finger at the small object.

3. Without moving your arm or index finger, close and open each eye in sequence.

4. You may notice that only one eye matches the pointing position of the index finger.
That is your Dominant Shooting Eye.

5. For  more precise information concerning the effects of this when shooting, read " About Vass" by clicking here or contact info@vass.ie for any quiries.